Memory It slipped my mind. by santi

It slipped my mind.

Hear the storyline. Erica is planning the menu for the dinner party next week.  All of a sudden, she remembers that she has forgotten to invite Linda….
  Erica: I’ve sent out the invitations for the dinner party. 
  Manuel: That’s good.  Now what should we do?
  Erica: We’ve got to plan the menu.
  Manuel: Oh, that’s right.  Do you have anything in mind?
  Erica: I think I’m going to make the chicken salad we had at Pompa last time.  Remember I asked the chef for the recipe?
  Manuel: Yeah, but did you forget that Linda doesn’t eat chicken?
  Erica: Linda?  Oh, my Gosh!  I forgot to invite her!  She’ll be mad at me. It just slipped my mind.
  Manuel: Well, it’s not too late yet.  I’ll make a phone call.  Don’t worry.
  Erica: Thanks!  I think I’m getting old!
  Manuel: Looks like you ARE!


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